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SCO-22, Top Floor
Sector-20 D, Chd
Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm
At Kataria Institute of Chemistry teaching is always taken as innovation process. This helps us to make students feel most comfortable in our teaching methodology for any kind of testing pattern of IIT-JEE/AIPMT.
  • Starting from CBSE (basic) level and gradually increasing the level of the topic to that of IIT-JEE/AIPMT level. Not doing simple things in great ways but doing great things in simple ways.
  • Teaching methodology is aimed at not making students habitual to spoon-feeding but aimed to empower them to apply their parallel think tank, using their I.Q. to the best optimal level.
  • Importance is given to quantity as well as quality.
  • Quality assignments given at the end of the topics in the chapter along with numerous practice sheets.
  • Each assignment / DPP is thoroughly discussed in the class.
  • Our lectures will be harmonic blend of manual presentations using daily/revision worksheets containing well graded questions arranged in the order of concepts and applications of latest technology for the explanation of difficult concepts and diagrams.
  • We provide off classroom doubt sessions to clarify the doubts of the students regarding the subject and the make them emotionally strong enough to face difficult problems.
  • We monitor the progress of our students through fortnightly test which is exact replica of IIT-JEE/AIPMT paper apart from the module test and integrated test series.
  • The rigorous testing session and its analysis not only provides regular academic growth the students but also develops an examination temperament in them and prepares them to manage time and stress efficiently during examination.
  • We send out test results & attendance record through SMS so that the parents are aware of the progress of their wards.
  • For two year classroom contact programme the academic sessions is so planned that the course is not only covered well in advance but also revised much before the IIT-JEE/AIPMT exam so that students get enough time for polishing their examination temperament.